A great addition to blue-collar jobs is a career in the adult film industry.  It can be one of the best jobs for felons because it is more lenient than other employment opportunities. A man only needs to have a good sized dick and a nice body for the job.

Coming out of prison, it can be a struggle to find work.  Or even living in a halfway house can prove to be difficult to make some money.  There are plenty of odd jobs out there everywhere, but they only pay so much.

Spending time behind bars can become a hindrance when it comes to professional growth and career development. Despite many employers’ efforts to give a second chance to ex-convicts, the negative stigma associated with being a felon remains. Some companies still automatically disqualify applicants with felony convictions. People with criminal records often opt for entry-level positions as a blue-collar worker. The hours are long, but the pay may leave them barely living. While mainstream industries are a great way to start, there are other jobs that hire felons. Jobs that will pay pretty good and pretty fast.

All the requirements of working in the adult industry involve having a nice body.  Having a handsome face may help, but is not necessary. One may also use his criminal record to his advantage.  Especially, if he is built well.  Just be easy to work with and ready to make some money.  Don’t let the record stop you from getting by.

Getting into this industry, you have to be open minded and ready to make some moves.  You have to start from the bottom and work your way up.

felon working out